Sheds with Cedar Shingle Roofs (not Pressure Treated Lumber Sheds) — 3 Standard Colours

Our Cedar/Pine sheds are made with Maibec Premium Natural Wood Siding. The stain is applied to the wood in their Quebec factory after having been thoroughly dried to a precise humidity level for optimum paint adhesion, creating a highly durable finish. We offer our sheds in three of their colours - Slate Blue, Spanish Moss Brown and Pepperwood Grey/Green.

Slate Blue Colour Sample

Slate Blue
Shed photo

Brown Colour Sample

Spanish Moss Brown
Shed photo

Pepperwood Colour Sample

Pepperwood Grey/Green
Shed photo

Pressure Treated Lumber Sheds & XL Triple Bin 3 Door Shed — 6 Standard Colours

All colours are premium Benjamin Moore ArborCoat Solid Stains.

Dry Sage Colour Sample

Light Green
(Benjamin Moore Dry Sage)
Shed photo

Brown Colour Sample

(Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur)
Shed photo

Brown Colour Sample

(Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night)
Shed photo

Red Colour Sample

(Benjamin Moore Dinner Party)

Dark Grey Colour Sample

Dark Grey
(Benjamin Moore Grey)
Shed photo

Medium Grey Colour Sample

Medium Grey
(Benjamin Moore Amherst Grey)
Shed photo